Become faster is every cyclist deepest dream. Even professional rider or recreational rider pursuit this feeling. Do you know the feeling of dropping every other cyclist in your sight? Or wait so proudly at the finish line and say “good job” to your riding mates? Well, its no longer just dream anymore my friends.

Because i’ve got some tips for you.

Buy a road bike
Yes, that’s it. Be a roadie. Road bike has any advantages to go faster on pavement. And sure, it will make you faster in no time than the ‘other’ bike.
And remember to buy no less than 3000 euro, and no non-europe factory bike (except american) or you will go slower than before.

Buy full pro team kit
Look for your favourite rider in grand tours, and buy excactly same items everything he wear. Jersey, shorts, arm warmers, leg warmers, shoe cover, helmet, sunglasses, etc. Dont forget to match it with his bike (preferably team edition). This is the vital point. Example, there is no point buying radioshack-leopard-trek team kit and ride Pinarello Dogma think2 and vica versa.

Avoid hills
Hills is the last thing you want to be there if you want to go faster. Its bad. its degenerate your value . Its only slow you down.
Avoid hills at any cost, and look for dead-flat road or descent road.

Choose your gearing
Always use big gear on the front, and smallest gear on the rear. That’s the combination every REAL CYCLIST use. And, no compact crank please. Use standard crank. Or if you want to strikes fear to the rest of field, use 56T crank.

Get full aerodynamic position
I take no excuses here. Get a professionally bike fitting. And tell to the fitter, to fit your body aerodynamic as possible. Even if your fitter say it can hold only ten minutes because your body more stiffer than your bike, its okay. Dont let your fitter ruins your dream to become the fastest men on the bike.

That’s it my friend. This tips based on my experienced and (mostly) my wildest dream to winning sprint in champs-elysees. Take it to the heart and become the fastest cyclist in the world!